What is the Definition of Sustainable Meaning?

By LaveryP. Team   /   Sustainable Category   /   2023

The definition of sustainable meaning is difficult to define as it refers to many different aspects of life. Some consider sustainability to be the ability of a social and economic structure to continue to provide a basic level of living for its inhabitants without compromising the environment or natural resources.

At its most fundamental, sustainable meaning refers to the ability of an object or system to continue to fulfil its purpose or function over time, in a manner that does not destroy or deplete the natural resources that support it.

In the context of sustainability, the definition may depend on the context in which the definition is used. However, generally, sustainability is the ability of an organism or system to continue functioning in the presence of external and internal constraints, which can be described in terms of survivorship, distribution, population size, and climate change.

The definition of sustainable meaning can vary depending on the context. Generally, sustainable meaning includes keeping a property, environment, or social system in a state that meets the needs of both the people who live on it and the environment in which it is located.

There is no single definition of sustainable meaning, but generally it refers to a plan or practice that is long-term, reliable, and consistent with the natural systems of which it is a part.

Sometimes sustainable means being able to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability to meet the needs of the future. This can be done by creating a clear plan for the future, by maintaining a healthy environment, or by ensuring that resources are used sustainably.

There are a variety of definitions for sustainable meaning, but one that has come to dominate is that it refers to the ability of a system or society to continue functioning within its present or potential boundaries without causing irreparable harm to itself or to others.

The definition of sustainable can vary depending on what it is referring to, but generally, it refers to a plan or practice that remains viable, profitable, and consistent with the natural environment and people's ability to meet their needs while enduring change.

The word sustainable means that it is possible for the environment to continue to provide both necessary and desired environmental outcomes for future generations. In practical terms, sustainable means that the environment can accommodate and support human activity without causing serious damage or depleting natural resources.

Usually, sustainable means that the objectives pursued by a particular organization or individual are consistent with the long-term interests of that organization or individual.

The definition of sustainable meaning is to maintain or improve the quality of life through the use of resources that are consistent with the goals and objectives of the institution or organization.

The definition of sustainable meaning is elusive, but it is thought to encompass a number of values that include: helping to maintain a natural environment, ensuring the well-being of people and the community, and promoting economic development.

It is important to understand what sustainable means because it is a term that has a variety of meanings. There are many different definitions of sustainable, but the most common definition is: "possible, probable, and likely." The term is used to refer to things that are likely to be in the future, and that are not likely to cause significant harm to the environment or people.

Most sustainable definitions of sustainability focus on the benefits of the system, rather than the system itself. This is because sustainability is a holistic concept that takes into account the environment, people, and Capitalism. Principles of sustainability include the precautionary principle, the belief that it is better to be safe than sorry, the priority of nature, the human Footprint, and the Intergenerational Transmission of Sustainability.

The definition of sustainable meaning is to maintain a particular state or condition in a particular situation so that it is not at risk of being lost, damaged, or destroyed.